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Our Dutch language courses enable you to communicate effectively and provide you with cultural knowledge in order to feel at home in Holland.

Individual Dutch Language Course

For foreign employees and their partners and for people who plan to live in The Netherlands for an unlimited period, we offer individual Dutch language courses. Our trainers are specialized in one-to-one trainings. This is the most effective way to learn Dutch because you have your own trainer who will choose the teaching method and materials that best fit to your personality, your goals, and your needs.

It also means that your Dutch language course is fully adapted to your agenda and your living/working situation in The Netherlands.

Functional and efficient

No matter whether you are a total beginner or you have some knowledge of the Dutch language, our trainers help you to build up a functional knowledge of Dutch language and culture in the shortest possible time.

Customised to your needs

Our national-wide network of professional and experienced Dutch language trainers enables us to arrange Dutch lessons with the following benefits.

  • Any location in The Netherlands
  • At your office or your home
  • At convenient times for you
  • At any level
  • For any goal: office conversation, business use, professional language, or personal needs
  • Very competitive course prices
  • More than 200 qualified Dutch language trainers availabel
  • We organized already more than 750 individual language courses for expats in The Netherlands!
  • Lessons kan also take place online.

How long does the Dutch language course take?

How many hours you need depends on your Dutch language level at the beginning and your targets at the end of the course. For example, a beginner would need about:
  • 20 hours to get a basic knowledge of the Dutch language, to understand simple sentences and give very simple personal information
  • 40 hours to survive in standard social situations
  • 60 hours to interact with Dutch native speakers in everyday and office-related situation
  • 80 hours to communicate quite independently in social and business situations
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